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Job Opportunities:
Thanks for choosing to growing and doing business with us.
Currently opportunities is open for some following position.
  • Structure / Civil Engineer
    Qualification: 	Experiences on Telecommunication Infrastructure Development 
    		Such as Tower construction and Site Acquisition
    		Construction Project Management
  • Telecommunication / Electrical Engineer
    Qualification: 	Experiences on Telecommunication Infrastructure Development 
    		Path Lose and Site Survey
    		Such as Radio indoor and outdoor Installation 
    		Radio Equipment Testing and Commissioning
    		Power Supply (Battery and Rectifier) 
  • Accounting / Finance & Tax administrator
    Qualification: 	Experiences on Budgetary and Tax reporting
    		Has enough knowledge on Tax Regulation and Process
    		Preparing daily/monthly cash flow report
    		Preparing Finance Annuity report 
If you feel comfortable for above position, please fill your data to the following form and submit to us.
Other way, fax your data to 021-7942065 or e-mail your data to
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2. Position to be applied:

Civil Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Accounting/Finance and Tax Administrator

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